Flow talent exchange center of sichuan province party committee 2018 mobile party members ability quality training successfully held ascension

2018-12-31 17:17:28

        On December 23 to 28, flow by the talent exchange center of sichuan province party committee held "2018 mobile party members ability quality promotion training" successfully held in chengdu. More than 50 provincial talent center flows the participation of party members, the flow of the party branch secretary of the seven, 5 branch committee, the mobile party members on behalf of 41.

        According to the characteristics of the mobile party members, the training carefully opened the entrepreneurship policy interpretation, team, market analysis, strategic planning, sales forecast, financial management, project roadshows and marketing practice, such as curriculum, and specially invited to the sichuan provincial department of human resources and social security related leaders, chengdu and the dream of space science and technology co., LTD., chairman of the board and other well-known entrepreneurs and experts and professors to teaching. In order to enhance the effectiveness of teaching, teaching teacher personally led the students in chengdu tianfu software park, the national demonstration base of the first double gen Pi area qingsong rong town field, combined with examples to explain. Training, teaching interaction, inspire people think students ask questions in class, after class to advocate mutual exchanges between students share.

        Through this training, sending a widespread feeling participant to broaden the thinking, promote the employment ability, enhance the cohesive affinity of the party organization, said: by listening to the instructor on employment entrepreneurship, the interpretation of benefit, determined to fighting hard in the later work, and constantly improve themselves, to actively play a communist party member's cutting edge exemplary leading role, to treat shu xing chuan, to speed up the economic and social development in our province contributes own strength.