• UNS: G43400
  • Related Specs: AMS 6409 / AMS 6414 AMS 6415 AMS-S-5000
  • Size (mm): Round: 30mm to 600mm Flat: width 30mm to 800 mm, thickness 30mm to 500 mm
  • Characteristics & Applications: Characteristics of Products The excellent properties of polish and grain The homogeneous properties of hardness, microstructure and grain. Very high cleanliness and purity. The excellent property of Corner.   Applications Superalloys for aerospace Melting of reactive metals (titanium, zirconium and their alloys) for aerospace, chemical industry, off-shore technique and reactor technique. High strength steels for rocket booster rings and high pressure tubes Ball-bearing steels Mold steel Superior cleanliness stainless steels use in medical industry. Tool steels ( cold and hot work steels ) for milling cutters, drill bits, etc.